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From this website you can view banknotes and paper money for sale in various parts of the world to find the best possible selection at the best prices possible!!

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Italia 1000 Lire 1947 "VG" Billete P-82 Grecia 1914 500 Drachma  RARO VG
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Examples of banknotes sold recently on Ebay 

Banknote Spain - 1 PESETA España de 1953

Spanish Banknote -  1 Peseta 1953

Sold for 3.75€


Russian Banknote 1898 500 Rubles

Russian Banknote 500 Rubles - 1898

Sold for 65€


Banknote Switzerland - 20 Francs 1974 SERIE 101N XF+

Swiss Banknote 20Fr 1974

Sold for €16.00

Banknote Holland 25 Gilder 1971

25 Gilder Banknote Holland - 1971

Sold for 20€

Polish Banknote - 50 Zlotych 1979 UNC. Nardowy Bank Polski

Polish Banknote 50 Zlotych - 1979

Sold for 3.90€

Banknote Yugoslavia (P64b) 50 Dinara 1946 UNC

Banknote Yugoslavia 50 Dinara - 1946

Sold for 22.50€

Banknote Portugal - 2escudos 50centavos 1920

Banknote Portugal 2escudos 50centavos

Sold for €187

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